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Tenancy contract template is make it easy the rental deal

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Occupancy rate is 80-90% / year. You can maximize your income

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No need to apply for difficult short-term vacation license

Don't lose time

Less administration compare to short-time tourism rental

No Listing Fees

You don't have to pay for listings and advertisements

You don’t find proper cleaning service? The cleaning is always crucial in midterm rental business. Our cleaning service partners help Landlords to make everything done and ready in order to receive your next midterm tenant! Verified cleaning companies and staff offer monthly, weekly basis cleaning. Extra services: iron, deep cleaning, bedlinens laundry. Ask for cleaning partner’s contact at Midterm-Budapest.

Having a short-time (vacational) license is not necessary for running midterm rental, all requirements is pretty much same to long-term basis rental. A regular tenancy (lease) agreement should be signed by all tenants, regardless of how many months a lease contract takes. (2 or 6 months). The bilingual (english-hungarian) contract is being provided by Midterm-Budapest. Therefore there is no any further legal costs for Landlords. The requirement of security deposit is enclosed in each lease contract.

Expats, business professionals who are working in Budapest (long-term basis or midterm projects) Family visitors (family visit is very common, mostly on summers and Christmas season) Digital Nomads (professionals who work from home or remotely and travel frequently due to their jobs) Home seekers (people who are searching their new flat and take midterm rent meanwhile)

Once you list a property on our platform, you only have to sit back and
watch how we’r working to gain money for you!


Midterm rental (1-9 months) is taxed just like usual long-term rentals, short-term vacation license is not condition.

Midterm rental brings 20-40% more than standard long-term rental

Due to variable energy costs, pricing is really flexible, Landlords can set price: 1) All included rate OR 2) Rental fee + utilities (based on real energy consumption)

Listing a property on Midterm-Budapest, is free! Once a verified tenant rents your property, our monthly commission is 8% (included VAT). If you manage more than 10 properties, please contact us to make a special deal!

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